Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009

VA Twistin Rumble Vol.8


1. Sonny & The Premiers - PONY TWIST
2. Jimmy McCracklin - THE DRAG
3. The Latin Dimension - MISTER MOD
4. The Capris - LIMBO
5. The Gestics - INVASION
6. Ronnie Fuller - DO THE DIVE
7. Eddie & The Deravelons - BABY DUPLINS
8. The Sub Dominants - BANG BANG
9. B.Goode & Band - HO KEY PO KEY ROCK
10. The Phillip Walker Band - I WANT YOU FOR MYSELF
11. Tiny Fuller - CAT WALK
12. The Puddle Jumpers - QUIET DAD
13. Ace Holder - WABBA SUZY-Q
14. Menard Rogers - GOOD FOOD (I AM FOR YOU)
15. Arthur Griswold - PRETTY MAMA BLUES
17. Gabriel & His Angels - THE ROOSTER



  1. This is the greatest series of EVER, and yet I rarely see it floating around....either on the web or in stores...although I have seen it in one particular store on St Mark's Place in NYC that downloads stuff off the web, makes a color Xerox of the cover & interior CD image, then slaps that together with a CD-R and sells it as an "import" for $20. Annnnnyway....thanks for putting this up there!

  2. Hmmm...I spoke too soon...the archive of the RAR file is busticated, so it doesn't download properly...can you plz re-post?

    A hearty thank you from snowbound NYC!

  3. Hi DefChef, sorry about the vlc file, im wish i can help you, but im just have the most of the stuff on LP and i dont can put this on my Blog ( no USB LP Player ), so i try to find a other file for you from a other blog but looks realy dificult to find =P sorry about mi bad english
    maby you try to order from the internet, its still availibel
    ;-) Hahah let me now if you found a link maby i shoud try to sale CD-R copys for $20 =-D