Montag, 27. Juli 2009

Lightning Beat-Man & The Never Heard Of EMs- Apartment Wrestling Rock'n'Roll [1998]


01 Intro
02 Apartment Wrestling R'n'R Girl
03 Radio Intro Switzerland
04 Sonic Nightmares
05 I Love You
06 Intro Sexton Ming-MAA
07 I'm Gonna Kill Ya Tonight
08 Intro What Is R'n'R
09 Honey Baby Blues
10 I've Got a Rock In My Underpants
11 Take It Off
12 Intro Pie Eater
13 Intro Studio Brussels
14 Wild Baby Wow
15 I Said Yeah
16 Intro Jeorge Explosion
17 I Hate To Dance
18 Intro Radio Osaka
19 I Wanna Be Your Pussycat
20 Intro Sell Yourself
21 Bring Back The Death Penalty
22 The Girl With The Blue Black Hair
23 Intro Poland
24 Wrestling With Satan
25 MAA Dance Mix

All meine Musik ist nur zum Lauschen gedacht, wen euch was gefällt, unterstützt bitte die Interpreten und Kauft euch die CD oder LP !!!