Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009

Skinhead Jamboree


01-Lloyd Charmers – Skinhead train
02-Dandy – Trouble in town
03-Symarip – Skinhead girl
04-Jimmy Cliff – Hard road to travel
05-The Maytals – 54_46 That’s my number
06-The Pioneers – Reggae fever
07-Hot Rod All Stars – Skinheads don’t fear
08-Soul Offrus – Easy me up Officer
09-Rude Mills – John Jones
10-Symarip – Skinhead moonstomp
11-The Upsetters – Return of Django
12-Symarip – Skinhead jamboree
13-King Stitt – Fire corner
14-The Maytals – Pressure drop
15-Joe The Boss – Skinhead Revolt
16-The Pioneers – Long shot kick de bucket
17-Dice The Boss – But Officer
18-Hot Rod All Stars – Skinhead speaks his mind
19-Dave and Ansel Colins – Double barrel
20-Rudies – Night Train
21-Symarip – These boots are made for walking
22-Harry J. All Stars- Liquidator
23-Tony Tribe – Red, red wine
24-Claudette & The Corporation – Skinheads a bash then
25-Desmond Dekker and The Aces – Hippopotamus
26-Desmond Riley – Skinhead a message to you


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